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The Saint Clement Episcopal School Program

Our Core Program

Fred Rogers famously said that “play is serious learning”. At Saint Clement, the children are engaged and having fun throughout the day, so they are not even aware of all the learning that’s occurring as they play. The core tenet of the Saint Clement preschool program is love. The teachers love what they do, the children love school and develop a love of learning.

Saint Clement strives to build a strong community where the children, families, and staff feel supported and valued. We strive to prepare confident, well-equipped children with the skills to transition smoothly to future settings.

Each classroom is organized into centers, such as art/ writing, dramatic play, math manipulatives, story corner, blocks/ building, science/ sensory, and more. The centers contain special materials that reflect the current interests of the class or a small group within the class. We believe children learn best through play, so all curriculum materials are intentionally presented in a play-based fashion, allowing the children to explore the world through all of their senses. Each morning, with guidance from teachers, children make choices about which interest centers they will visit and what activities they will pursue.

Teachers build on children's interests to expand knowledge and to promote social/emotional, physical, cognitive and language development. This happens during daily activities and through longer term small group and whole class projects.

Teachers engage the natural curiosity of children in the world around them, preparing them for life-long learning. 


Sample Daily Schedule

8:00-9:00               Arrival – Playground or MR Hall

9:00-9:30               Circle Time

9:30-10:00             Snack and Morning Routines

10:00 – 11:00        Indoor Learning Centers

11:00 – 12:00        Outdoor Exploration

Tues., Wed, Thurs.  Chapel and Enrichments

12:00-12:30           Lunch

12:30-1:00             Storytime and clean up               

1:00-2:30               Rest and Relaxation

2:30-3:30               Snack and Afternoon Routines

3:30-4:00               Daily review   

4:00-5:30               Extended Day – Playground or MR Hall


Christian Education

Saint Clement is a school that helps children know God's love and to seek God in themselves and others by encouraging curiosity in an atmosphere of love, joy, and tolerance. 


Christian Education is integrated into all aspects of our program at Saint Clement. Our formal Christian education program consists of a weekly Chapel Service.

Each week the children have a Chapel Service led by the Rector of the Church of Saint Clement, Rev. Robin Razzino. The focus of this service is developmentally appropriate, and universal in its message.


Music and prayer and the Rector's message help the children build their understanding of the story.


While we are an Episcopal school, we welcome children of all faith traditions.

Songs and Stories

Each class meets with Ms. Jenny once a week to experience the magic of Songs and Stories.


The children never know what to expect! Will Ms. Jenny be in a costume? Will they be acting out a classic story or singing and playing games? 


Outdoor Play

Saint Clement Episcopal School has a fully enclosed playground adjacent to the school building. Playground time is very important to us at Saint Clement!


Children play outdoors (weather permitting) each morning during arrival, mid-morning with their class, and during our extended care program in the afternoons.


You may see a class taking a rainy walk around the neighborhood and even walking to an experience field trip in the area. 


(Social Emotional Learning enrichment)

Each class meets with Ms. Bettina once a week to talk about feelings! At Saint Clement, we want to support the development of healthy identities, managing emotions, feeling and showing empathy for others, establishing and maintaining supportive relationships, and making responsible and caring decisions.


Each small group session includes a theme-appropriate story and hands-on activity, and often a mindfulness breathing segment, songs and movement, and cooperative games.


Extended Care

Students are with their classroom teachers from 8am to 4pm. Extended Care begins after rest and afternoon snack.


We are so blessed at Saint Clement because some of our wonderful teachers stay to care for children in the extended care.


They enjoy extra time on the playground, scooters in the big hall, art and drawing activities, and so much more!  

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