The Saint Clement Episcopal School Program

Learning about worms
Studying worms
Exploring books
Playground fun

Our Core Program

Teachers organize classrooms into such interests centers as art, dramatic play, math toys, "library", blocks, science, and more. The centers often contain special materials that reflect the current interests of the class or a small group within the class.  We believe children learn best through play, so all curriculum materials are presented in a play based fashion, allowing the children to explore the world through all of their senses.


Each morning, with guidance from teachers, children make choices about which interest centers they will visit and what activities they will pursue.


Teachers build on children's interests to expand knowledge and to promote social/emotional, physical, cognitive and language development. This happens during daily activities and through longer term small group and whole class projects.  Teachers engage the natural curiosity of children in the world around them, preparing them for life long learning. 

Christian Education

Saint Clement is a school that helps children know God's love and to seek God in themselves and others by encouraging curiosity in an atmosphere of love, joy, and tolerance.  Christian Education is integrated into all aspects of our program at Saint Clement's. Our formal Christian education program consists of  a weekly Chapel Service.


Each week the children have a Chapel Service led by the Rector of the Church of Saint Clement, Rev. Robin Razzino. The focus of this service is developmentally appropriate, and universal in its message. Music and prayer and the Rector's message help the children build their understanding of the story.  While we are an Episcopal school, we welcome children of all faith traditions.


In addition to singing regularly in their classrooms, children attend music classes once a week. Led by an experienced music educator, the children enjoy learning about rhythm, movement, pitch, rhyme and other important musical and pre-academic skills.


The children go to a cooking class once a week. Half a class attends at a time, insuring a “hands-on” experience in the kitchen. The children make many different foods, ranging from soups to salads, home-made pasta to playdough. The children learn small motor skills, food preparation, vocabulary, and expand their palates by trying new foods that they themselves made.


Classes visit our in-house library weekly. Our staff librarian reads to them based on the individual class lesson plans, shares follow-up projects with them, and assists the children in picking out books to enjoy. Older classes have the opportunity to take a book home weekly to share with their family.

Outdoor Play

Saint Clement's has a fully enclosed playground adjacent to the school building. Children play outdoors each morning for at least thirty minutes, weather permitting. Children who stay for afternoon extended care have additional outdoor play time.

Extended Care

We offer care beginning at 8 a.m. and ending at 3 p.m., 4 p.m. or 5:30 p.m. After school care begins after lunch with a nap or rest, until 3 p.m. After rest time, the children have a snack, then enjoy play time in the classroom or outdoors, depending on the weather.  Extended care is also available on an "as needed" basis for children enrolled in a shorter day, IF there is space available in the afternoon.