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What's Happening? 

Please check our list below for events and ministry opportunities at Saint Clement. We would love for you to join us! Our Parish Office and Rector are happy to answer questions and connect you to group leads, if you are interested. Contact us at 703.998.6166 or

Follow this link to our comprehensive calendar that lists the times and dates for each of the events described below.


ALIVE! is a beloved ministry and city-wide non-profit that helps with shelter, food, childcare, and housewares. Saint Clement partners with ALIVE! in many of their programs. ALL Volunteers are welcome!


In the words of Saint Augustine: " To sing is to pray twice." On Sundays, our choir supports the congregation by singing at the 10:00AM service. Rehearsals take place at 9am immediately before the service. 

 Walking Group

A small group of Clementines walks every Thursday morning at 8:30AM. They walk for one hour and then return to a local cafe for a short reading, reflection and coffee fun! Details and location available via the Parish Office. 

Altar Guild

A quiet ministry, Altar Guild members prepare the Sanctuary, Altar and flower arrangements for weekly services. They speak through creating beauty in our worship space, whether it be an immaculately organized altar or a gorgeous flower arrangement.

Christian Education

This ministry is led by our talented and highly-trained Sunday School teachers. Lessons are age-appropriate adaptations of Scriptural topics, and designated for school-aged children. Godly Play (younger children) and Lego Class (older children) take place during the first half of the service with participants leaving after the Collect and returning at the Peace. 


Have you ever been interested in how congregational administration works behind the scenes? Our vestry meets once-per-month to discuss and vote on a variety of topics related to stewardship, including worship, finance, and facility maintenance. While positions are filled on an annual basis, we welcome interested candidates to speak with the Rector about the details and future commitments.

Brown Bag Lunches

Saint Clement BBL partners with six local churches to prepare lunches for the hungry. This ministry generally takes place once-per-month at alternating locations within the community, including Saint Clement itself.

Holy Yoga

This healthful and invigorating practice is FREE and open to ALL, regardless of where you are in your practice. Holy Yoga is led by our faithful yoga instructor, Patricia, and takes place Wednesday evenings from 6:45PM - 7:45PM.

Worship Assistants

Our league of worship assistants fulfill a variety of roles during Sunday Service: Ushers, Readers, Acolytes, Chalice Bearers, Healing Ministers, Coffee Hour Hosts, and Counters. They support both the 8:00AM and 10:00AM Service. You can sign-up for one, a few or all assisting ministries! Don't worry - we won't schedule you for all at the same time! Can you lend a helping hand? 

Carpenter's Shelter

Year-round, we prepare meals every third Sunday of each month. If you would like to help with preparing meals at Carpenter's Shelter, please contact the Parish Office. We welcome ALL helping hands!

Nursery Volunteers

We are asking EVERY adult in the congregation to take just ONE Sunday during the year to sit with the fabulous Ms. Maria Medrano in the Church nursery during the 10:00AM service. 

Volunteers just need to sit and enjoy an hour with Ms. Medrano, who has a gift for childcare. Church guidelines require us to have two adults in the nursery during the services. 


Please contact the Parish Office for questions and sign-up details:



Ministries and events have adjusted formats during the COVID pandemic. While schedules and specifics may look a bit different, they are very much alive and well!

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